Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will's funeral is to be held at 1115hrs on Wednesday 13 Jan at Culduthel Funeral Home, Culduthel Road, Inverness.

All are welcome.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Will Wilkinson

It is with much sadness that I have to report Will’s death in an avalanche on Ben Nevis on 30 December 2009.

I met Will 2 years ago when I first moved to Inverness and we quickly forged a strong friendship sharing a passion for all things climbing, a love of the outdoors and an ambition to climb harder. In this short time we had a great number of memorable adventures, many of which are catalogued here.

I can not hope to do Will justice in my few words here - he was quite simply a brilliant guy and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Will was a particularly popular member of the Inverness climbing scene and will be sadly missed by many. More than anything, Will was a loving and devoted partner to his fiancée Becky who he was due to marry later this year.

We extend our sympathies and thoughts to Rupert Rosedale’s family and friends who died in the same accident and our appreciation to the survivor and all those in the rescue services who did so much to try and help.

Will primarily maintained this blog as a diary but he enjoyed sharing his adventures and was both surprised and flattered with the number of people who followed it. If any comfort can be sought, it is fitting that Will died doing something he loved so much but tragic that he died so unexpectedly and with so much left to accomplish.

Andy Wardle.