Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nevis Range:- Back Corrie

All the lifts were up and running at the Nevis Range as Andy and I had a days fun sliding about. The main focus of the day was to grab some fun in the Back Corries. First time I have been able to get them open since Becky taught me to board a couple of years ago.

The drop in on approach from the summit tow is not for the faint hearted and it took a second or two of contemplation before dropping in off the cornice. I could see why "Yellowbelly" was used for the name of the run, as I am sure a few others have stood at the top, thinking "should I shouldn’t I". The first 40-50mts is fairly steep before levelling out to a nice run, with untouched powder.
After lunch we headed over to the summit cairn to ski down summit gully, passing a couple of climbers who had done Whiteshark and were about to ab back into easy gully. They reported soft crudy snow ice, but also said conditions were good?~?
Anyway after use of map and compass, (Andy was obviously in the scouts to bring these on a day of lift served action), we simply couldn’t be 100% sure we were at the top of Summit gully, so the committing drop in was just a bit too much. So we hoofed back over to the lifts to make
the most of the Afternoon.