Monday, August 25, 2008

Mountain Biking and Moy

Becky Out in front, on the trail up at Abrichain.

A quick weekend dash to Abrichain meant Becky and I got lost on the mountain bike trails, after a false start or two we sorted ourselves out and cycled a couple of routes. To describe them as boggy would be an understatement, a good test of your technical uphill ability. I was sadly lacking, anyway we had a good couple of hours, and well worth a visit for a good bit of single track biking within 15minutes of town.
This evening Rich and I headed out to Moy and I climbed the new line I bolted last week, Pebble Party and about 5+ , I may have gone a bit mad with the drill as you seem to spend much of your time clipping, but still a good introduction to the type of climbing Moy has to offer. Be warned though it needs a bit more of a clean, and there is the odd pebble that may pop still. Rich onsighted the last two routes of the crag he had left. This now means he has onsighted the lot. No mean effort the last route he did tonight (the furthest right 7a+) was bloody hard, a real bouldery start, sustained in the middle and steep to finish. I flailed around for a while and dragged myself 3/4s of the way up it just to realise how strong an effort it seemed to me. Measured against onsighting the crag anyway. Despite a pebble popping on him Rich held the swing at the start to claim the fist “Man of Moy Award!”. Who’s next? awarded to anyone who onsights all the routes up there.

Rich completing the Man of Moy Challenge!!

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