Saturday, December 6, 2008

Frustrating day in Loch Avon.

View of a frozen Loch Avon from the 1st belay on the Shelter Stone.

On approach to the shelter stone.

Hells lum-Two parties on a very icy looking brimstone groove

Cascade area.

Stag Rocks

Conditions are fantastic at the moment in Loch Avon Basin. Stewart and I headed for a route on the Shelter Stone, but after the first pitch he was keen to head home. Despite one or two desperate pleas, I almost thought about begging things looked so good, I couldn’t convince him to carry on. So we abbed off after the first pitch and started the long walk up and out.
We had made excellent time on the way in and was on the route for a little after 9:00. Thats about 2hrs 30 from the car.
The slog out was hard work, post holing every step. There was a layer of windslab on top of the powder and it just made life hell.
As a result we were back at the car for early afternoon.

The positives, all the crags I could see looked good.
Anyway the turf was bomber on the Shelter Stone and everything was lightly hoared up. Stag rocks, and hells lum were cacked in ice, couldn't comment on its quality though. Cascade area was also in.
We did see two people ski across the loch though, so the ice must be ok.
Anyway a few pics from a frustrating day out. The weather was excellent too.

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