Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bealach na Ba...Failure for the second time!

For the second time this year Andy and I chanced our arm with a visit to Meall Gorm, the north facing crag on the left side of the Bealach na Ba today. At least this time there was snow. Skirting past a couple of 'road closed due to snow' signs, we got as far as one of the small parking areas about 30minutes from the climbs. Before sheet ice on the road had us sliding backwards with the brakes on!
Things from this distance looked really good, plastered in snow, with it sticking to the steep walls, and ice streaks pouring over most of the ledges. We opted for Blue Pillar, such a tremendous looking line up a conspicuous narrow pillar. As we swam our way to the start it was pretty obvious things were maybe not going to be as good as they looked, but hopefully better on the steeper stuff. Half a rope length up it was pretty obvious, the cruddy snow, rotten ice and soaking turf wasn’t going to improve.

Just before we bailed.

The road in need of a good plough.
The sight of the sun warming the top of our route still further was enough for us to say enough is enough. So we bailed and returned to Inverness by 2, handy the wall was open till 6. Such a cracking line, I will be back when it really is frozen, whenever that might be.

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