Friday, April 10, 2009

End of Winter: Trad Season!!

Winter seemed to fade very quickly, so no more routes to report since mid February, very disappointing. However, Bec and I did have a fantastic time in France, and returned to spend a lovely week in the lakes with Becky’s family.
The skiing was fab with sunshine on most days and a couple of days of heavy snow in the middle of the week. Not quite as much powder as last year, but still good enough!
For some reason all we videoed was pretty boring slopes, but the fun stuff including my full front flip and 30 seconds of unconsciousness, and my 20minute adventure through the woods off piste, the best run of the week, remained off camera.

As for the lakes we managed one climb, I’m not allowed to say Becky enjoyed it but I think she did really, she just doesn’t perhaps know it yet. Anyway we nipped up the Classic Little Chamonix before spending a day in Keswick.
So with winter gear put to bed, we better have a good spring, it is Trad season afterall!

I think the look says it all!

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Freudy said...

Ha Ha! Nice one Will, from the look of ur (surprisingly well!) put together wee vid you guys had a BLAST! Bex's facial expression on Little Chamonix is class too! :D

Will get ur banter down the wall soon no doubt,

'til then buddy....