Thursday, November 19, 2009

Loading the Guns!

About a week ago I was in Pete MacPherson’s shop in town and he pointed out Ian Parnells blog post to me where he highlights a winter training programme. Have a look here.

Anyway the concept is simple a set number of pull-ups on the minute every minute for 30 minutes. Somewhere between 2 and 6 was suggested. Now subsequent posts on Ian’s Blog, suggest Pete has done 270 an impressive 9 a minute. As Ian points out good training to be cranking out those IXs.

Back in the real world, I have been motivated to start properly training for winter. So 3 seemed a good starting point, 30 minutes later that’s 90 pull ups done and dusted. A couple sessions down and I intend to do some form of active rest in the recovery time, perhaps a set number of squats? All we need now is some glimmer of hope on the horizon that winter is on its way. The long range GFS data doesn’t look too promising, for the next fortnight at least.

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