Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coire Sputan Dearg

A few pics from yesterday when Andy and I headed over to Coire Sputan Dearg. Despite lots of snow and cold temps things really do need a little bit of consolidation. Anyway the pictures tell the story better...

Every winter climbers favourite sight on a Saturday morning!

With the visibility poor, navigation was to the fore from the start.

Some nice views.

Glissade gully provides a quick and easy approach to the coire floor.

The coire looked good, but be warned the snow was about as much use as...........

Take the guide book grades for this Coire with a pinch of salt, well we discoverd a sandbag or two! In it's current condition this little chimney is at least two adjective and technical grades out. Go and try it and see if you agree?

Finishing about 12 hours after that alarm clock!

Now only 3 hours back across the plateau and Andy looks really pleased about that little walk home in the snow and lovely Cairngorm breeze.

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