Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lovely day to be high in the hills.

A cheeky look into the Northern Corries on Friday morning was very fruitless, but with a blue sky day forecast Andy and I headed in for another early season inspection this morning.

The result Almost, but not quite, getting there slowly would be a better phrase I think.

Though there is obviously a lot of water in the hills it was nice to see the cold of the last few days had frozen the exposed ground and turf. The odd drool of ice and crusty snow made for a scenic walk.

As for climbing conditions it really is a question of a little more time, snow and cold weather. High east facing crags were starting to form, lower crags on other aspects no where near.

A tale of two halves-both taken on number one buttress today.

So with that in mind, and a bit of insight, we headed over to what we hoped would be the only pitch in a well frozen condition today.

Andy making the most of the day.

But still a lovely day to be out in the hills, with not a breath of wind, and a real crisp feel to the air. No doubt Andy will have some more photos on his blog, have a look here.

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Anonymous said...

Great to have a new post - I've missed reading your blog (I keep checking!) J