Friday, January 4, 2008

Dry and very cold rock in the North West.

A very cold day today, and after covering half of Scotland in search of winter conditions yesterday with no luck, we opted for a safer bet and some dry rock. Davey and I went off towards the North West. Our search took us to a small sports venue just south of Gruinard Bay. Kuhjo crag contains a few lines, some with a bit of seepage, perhaps 15. Right next door a small slab called Clown slab has a few easier sports routes. These crags were to be our venue for the morning.
After the mornings sports climbing, a spot of easy trad was the order of the afternoon. A small slab near the parking area for Gruinard bay itself lent itself well to this task. Here we did 4 or 5 short trad routes in big boots to provide a bit of winter practice.
On the drive home the snow line was sat at about 500mts and perhaps bodes well for getting something done in the next few days.

The view from the crag just above the car park is lovely and helps add to the appeal of the Gruinard Bay Crags.