Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chocks Away Chaps!

Another early start this morning. Today Andy, James and I, headed over to Beinn Eighe in search of a little less snow than Cairngorms. Anyway the North West gave us a brilliant day. With conditions good for the steeper upper quartzite tier, we poked around on Far West Buttress which gave us a new route. Probably in the V6 area Chocks Away gave 3 sustained pitches and just enough for one each, which was good.
A superb day, and route that is well worth a couple of stars. Details to follow. In the meantime a few pics.

The weather never came in quite as Geoff was forecasting!

Andy on top of pitch 4.

Me heading up pitch 4

Coming up the first corner of Pitch 1

James on Pitch 3

Andy on Pitch 4

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