Monday, May 26, 2008

Acheninver Pinnacle, Coigach

Becky and I had a great day yesterday out west on the hills a couple of miles north of Ullapool. We did the strangely named route of Acheninver Pinnacle, odd as it doesn’t look like a pinnacle nor contain one. It is the left buttress on this picture.

Having no idea about the route, I did stop in Tiso’s for a look as I don’t have this guide, but none of it made sense, although at one point I do think we climbed the “wide crack” mentioned and the right hand crack of 3.

It doesn’t matter we had a lovely relaxing day and followed our nose up the sandstone. It was a little lose in places and could do with a bit more traffic but that was all part of the fun. The views over to the Summer Isles were fantastic.

Sometimes you can get caught in the trap of having to climb harder and harder routes and simply forget the fun you can have on a nice solid mountaineering line. I had a great time today, and more importantly I think Becky enjoyed a Multipitch for the first time! After 5 pitches, I used every big shelf we came across, we topped out into quite a strong wind and realised that we had been sheltered all day.

By the evening there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and fish and chips were enjoyed in Ullapool, not quite as good as the ones in Gairloch, chips were a bit too greasy. We arrived in Inverness to a lovely sunset and spotted dolphins out in the firth as we came over Kessok bridge.

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