Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy day.

Had a busy evening with Gordon, on the shires newest boulder, after getting out with Andy this morning my arms were feeling it by the end of the night. Jamie has spent some time cleaning up a large eratic, that has been returned to daylight after some forestry clearing in Farr. Some good lines at all grades, bit disturbed by some large spike stumps near the landings, though a good use for an empty rucksack was found. Jamie has obviously put in a lot of work to clear this thing up and it is well worth a visit, a good find. After a couple of hours we headed over to the Ruthven boulder to check it out and get a few routes in before the light faded on us…Had a busy
day to day, E2(well almost!) and V2 on the same day.
Gordon on the thin slab of Lust

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