Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mallorca- hot rock trip!

Andy on his attempt of Buf (Alaro)

Martin putting the clips in again.
Just returned from a hot-rock trip to Mallorca. The sun and limestone made a nice combination, and routes were done on all seven days away. Despite feeling strong before we jetted off, I have well and truly been taught a lesson this week. I don’t think I found a pushover once. With hard grades, long run outs on some routes, and old rusty bolts, I was cruising backwards, my hardest flash was on day one! Still it was a fun trip with lots of stuff learnt, very much an on-sight ethic was adopted and perhaps on reflection next time I would have got something from a few redpoints! Still should set me up nicely for the lovely weather to come this summer. Just need to let the fingertips recover first.
The boys before the hardwork starts at El-Fumat.

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