Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A day for Ducks, and Marigolds!

Ok its official, today was wet. With rain from car park to climb, on the climb, and on the way out, interspersed with a little sleet on the plateau it was very wet. We looked like 3 drowned rats stood at the bottom of Fiacaill Couloir about to head up to give Burning and Looting a try. Anyway, a quick decision was made to return to the ark as quickly as possible. So we headed home, via the couloir, which was in easy II nick today, if you don’ t bother with the gear, if you do be prepared to dig.
The 4-5inches of rime meant gear placements on any of the routes we saw would be a real struggle.
Hope tomorrow is a drier day!

Photo thanks to Andy, my camera isn't waterproof or indeed working now!

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