Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it Snow!!

At 3am this morning there was 6inches of fresh powder on the car, getting to and back from any climb would be the hardest bit today. The decision to cancel was confirmed as a good one, as snow has continued to fall on off, virtually all morning here in Inverness.

On Drumossie Mor

Becky and I made the most of it, by a little walk up and over Drumossie Mor from the house. It felt quite wintry indeed up there, and it inspired us enough build a Snowman once we got home!

When it stops snowing, things could really start to look good, especially if we get a couple of gentle freeze thaw cycles.
The skiing on the other hand could be fantastic, this week. So it's typical that I am working for the rest of this week up to Christmas Eve. You never know though, a snow closure might well just give me the opportunity to go for a slide.

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