Monday, December 21, 2009

Powder days!

With 5 more inches of fresh snow overnight and the magic words on the radio that school was closed Becky and I had a powder day on Cairngorm.
Becky finding some fresh powder early in the day.

What a day too, the early morning cloud sank into the valley to leave a perfect inversion and the hill covered in freshies.

The all knowing eye!

A bit of a walk or explore soon reveals the untouched stashes and we had a fab day in the snow. The odd rock still stuck it's head up though and at one point sparks were reported from the underside of my board!

I don’t think I will be lucky enough to get any more snow closures this week so the climbing will have to wait to Thursday, but psyche levels are high.

Becs at the End of a good day.

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