Monday, December 28, 2009

Queues and Views.

Another perfect day on the ski slopes, well weather and snow wise, crowds were a differnt story. We escaped the mayhem of the pistes and lifts this morning with a walk to the summit of Cairngorm to catch the fresh powder on the way down, and was treated to some magnificent views.
The queue police were out in force this afternoon. Letting us all know where we were in the lift queue in case we forgot. To make things worse the M1 poma blew up! So by the end of the day it was taking a while to get from the bottom to top. Well about an hour if truth be known, so my patience was wearing a little thin. Coumpounded by people driving at 10mph all the way down back to Aviemore. Still its hard to complain when we are in such a lovely spell of weather, the snow is currently falling hard again outside the window. Im going to need a rest day at some point if this continues.

Back to join the mayhem, crowds, and pistes.

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